Monday, December 3, 2012





                                       the shame


me. I’m sitting here at the keyboard chewing away at today

him, he’s walking across the street there & bends down a

      moment to catch this bug heading out into it like a

      raymond chandler character & the guy moves on smiling

      a smirk that outlives the bug

credit costs as much as blame now

& paradoxically as the disinterest rate falls & we start

      paying attention to the news, the news gets worse; the

      news programme gets cut back, the newspaper thinner,

      the national magazine folds.

but keep reading, write on, somewhere in the word is the


evolution acts through the individual not the mass

you are what you think

which is about as hard as teaching gramma to be selfish & the

     kid to be unselfish

knowledge is seeing tasting touching smelling dreaming what

      you think

toothpaste with sugar, the perfect product; “whatever became of

     america?” “the pot melted”

knowledge is feeling what you think

the bicycle doesn’t need gears to get up that hill, it needs you

knowledge is saying what you think

you, you’re behind meat the check-out & i point at the new

      electric sign advising us to holiday on the mexican Riviera

     & here we are trying to save pennies on groceries & you say

     “it’s the second great depression” & i say “& we’re starting

     to get used to the idea”

& you say “the israelis were talking about ‘purifying' the

       refugee camps” & i say “it can happen here” & you say

      “like gravity”

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