Thursday, October 22, 2009


1. He lives in a small space.

2. He wears his hair in a ponytail. He is a slightly androgynous small heterosexual male.

3. He has no wife, no car, no mortgage. He has no job other than poetry and art.

4. Inside the city, he rides a bicycle and hates cars. He used to hitchhike before he had a bike.

5. He often wears a small hat.

6. He keeps cats and is fascinated by other small animals like fleas and slugs.

7. He buys bacon made by student cooks at the VVI because it's cheap there and they use the right ingredients.

8. When he travels to other places in the country, he rides the bus and keeps a journal.

9. He studied acting and pottery as a young man.

10. He worked in

television as a young man, but gave it up for poetry.

11. His religion is Buddhist.

12. His politics are socialist.

13. He reads "B+" writers.

14. He is interested, above all, in what language can (and cannot) do.

15. He often works late at Coop Radio.

16. His dedication to poetry is complete. Hence, he has no artistic ambition.

17. He is a nationalist.

18. He thinks he looks like Glenn Gould, and he actually does.


Gerry Gilbert and his son Jeremy, outside the house in the alley behind the New Era Social Club on Powell Street in Vancouver.

Lionel Kearns and Gerry Gilbert as extras on the set of The War Game, Kent, England, 1965.


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