Friday, November 27, 2009



for Gerry

We’re not in the race
we’re in the gender

Give me a woman who starts a war
& I’ll grant you
absolute retribution
for the rest of the millennium

Not knowing how to spell it
won’t keep you from the fight
but the light is quite dim, & the blues
begins to sound like bloodshed, news

Oh soldier, take yr gun
to the woodshed where it belongs
in your mouth. Put it away
‘cause it’s useless in the face of song

The cat might look askance
at a man’s ability to dance or lose
wch provides certain clues
to a needlessly macabre stance

When we lost the big community
it was the money slowly running out
Betraying one another with abject impunity
abt the differences that brought up all this doubt

like sheep with sight penned up – blind lions –
olfactory deprivation across the board

January 17/June 24 1991


Gerry says, ‘I’d never put it there!’
His life©raft an object that won’t own the water.
Words rent in sky (thanks, Landlord!). Begot the potter.
Easily the father of our children. Voice pops so close
to the mike. Alphabet scoop.

Vancouver, November 1990

for Taki & Manon

make a left at the alley
between Cordova and Powell
and drive right by the blue plastic bubble
called New Era Recycling Depot
and you'll come to a bamboo grove
on your left and then a parking lot
and on your right a vacant lot
across from which a tiny Tuscan cottage
and a big brown wooden gate
through which you enter
The New Era

Babyland, July 1995

from Moon Over Viagra

Much good fortune in retrospect
Plenty faux French food

Much drunk annoyance
Say, attention, stewed

No moon tonight, but thought
came into play, a cloud

around the moon that wasn’t there
an aura, light, like Gerry

Recycle the sound, echo
without saying

the original

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